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From lockouts and rekeying to designer hardware installation, you can rely on us. We also offer repairs for all of your current locks and hardware.



We’ll help with theft recovery, damaged and worn doors, ignition cylinders, lost key replacement, and lockouts. Protect your vehicle now.



Keep your business secure with our master key system installation, digital locks, exit devices, and brand new hardware options.


About Burkitt’s Lock & Key

You’ll receive the prompt and timely services you need for your home, car, or business from our seasoned professionals. We’ve spent the last two decades serving the Mountain Communities, and the surrounding areas.

We are locally and family owned and operated to provide fast, high quality locksmith services when you need them most. All of our experts are courteous and professional, and our services are designed for your ultimate satisfaction and convenience.

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    Locksmith Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear & Crestline

    There are certain types of professionals that you always want available on speed dial. Finding a good locksmith you can trust is right up there with a good plumber or electrician. When you lock yourself out of your car our out of your house, you don’t want be waiting for hours hoping to find someone. Having a great locksmith ready and on call can be an absolute life saver!

    Talented locksmiths don’t grow on trees – there’s a big difference between a quality smith who knows how to handle car locks, bike locks, home locks, and general security systems and one who only specializes in a basic type. You want to make sure that any locksmith you trust knows how to take care of business fast and effectively, getting you and your loved ones going once again. Look for the true locksmiths who know how to do it all, and you will be much more likely to find one who can meet your needs.

    There’s a huge difference between commercial and residential locksmiths. Not only can a truly great local locksmith help you get back into your home or create a new key so you have a spare, but they are going to know how to help make your home more secure from possible intruders, as well. From installing dead bolts to recommending a security system, truly great residential locksmiths are going to work to make sure you, your family, and your home are perfectly safe. After all, a man’s home is supposed to be his castle, but how can a castle be secure with faulty locks?

    Commercial locksmiths understand just how important security is for businesses of all sizes and they can work to ensure a fully functional series of locks. Whether you’re looking at new dead bolts, panic bars, a master key system, or a new series of internal door locks that work with an automated security system, you want to make sure the licensed and insured professional you’re working with understands how to get commercial work done fast and done right.

    Who hasn’t locked themselves out of the car at one time or another? The perfect auto locksmith understands the major differences in locks from old cars, modern cars, and computerized lock models. Different cars require different equipment to open effectively and you don’t want a locksmith charging you emergency 24/7 rates after he/she brings the wrong equipment. During non emergency times these professionals can also help you to create key copies so you can always carry an extra around with you, just in case.

    Car locksmiths unlock car doors no matter what hour of the day it is. In fact, a good chunk of their business is going to be answering calls during conventional off hours for people who have locked themselves out of their vehicles. 24-7 emergency service is the standard for smiths who see most of their business come from helping people get back into their cars, but don’t be surprised if there are extra service charges or higher rates for those very late night or very early morning calls. If you need someone to unlock car doors that won’t budget for you, a car locksmith is still the way to go.

    Need to unlock your car? Then it’s time to find a local locksmith. This is a major part of the income for most locksmiths, and they’re not going to ignore a call. While the need to have your car unlocked might seem life and death to you, have patience. Chances are there are a lot of calls going out and if you can’t be patient, be up front and ask for an estimated time of arrival. Once there a few simple motions usually unlock car doors so you can be back in your vehicle and back on the road!

    Need to unlock your car? Then it’s time to find a local locksmith. This is a major part of the income for most locksmiths, and they’re not going to ignore a call. While the need to have your car unlocked might seem life and death to you, have patience. Chances are there are a lot of calls going out and if you can’t be patient, be up front and ask for an estimated time of arrival. Once there a few simple motions usually unlock car doors so you can be back in your vehicle and back on the road!

    Mobile Car & Auto Locksmith Lake Arrowhead

    There are few feelings more annoying than remembering to lock your car for the sake of safety and then forgetting to take your keys out of the ignition before you slam the door shut. Oops. The good news is that the majority of mobile locksmiths offer car unlock services to help busy people get back on track with their day.

    Key Duplication Lake Arrowhead

    Key duplication is a common need, and one that can often be done for you in a matter of hours if you catch the local residential locksmith during the right time of day. Whether you need extra keys for an apartment, a home, or a business, you will be able to make an appointment, drop the keys to be copied off, and get a duplicated key in a very short amount of time.

    Key Cutting Lake Arrowhead

    Cutting new keys can take a little bit of time, but it is not that complicated a process and when the locksmith is doing this as part of key duplication, that makes the process even faster and easier. Whatever you need a key for whether it’s a brand new key to replace a lost one for a padlock or making a duplicate so the kids have a way to get into the house, there are plenty of great affordable options available.

    Pop A Lock

    The Pop A Lock franchise, sometimes written out as Pop-A-Lock, is always a good bet when you’re looking for quick, affordable, and experienced service to take care of any basic locksmith needs. Whether your needs are residential, commercial, or automotive in nature, these locksmiths tend to focus on all three at any given location, giving you a solid series of options.

    Lock Repair

    Even the best built of locks are likely to break or malfunction at some point. The best time or place for lock repair will depend on the schedule of the locksmith and the lock being repaired. A broken padlock or chest lock might be best at the workshop while a broken lock on a house door requires a mobile locksmith willing to meet you there to take care of all your lock repair needs.

    Lock Installation

    Lock installation is another popular service, especially for residential and commercial locksmiths. Whether a company is looking for additional internal security, or a home is getting locks put in so every single person can have their bit of privacy, there are plenty of locksmiths who can give a quick and accurate estimation for any installation work.

    24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Lake Arrowhead

    The 24 Hour Locksmith isn’t going to be a feature in every town, but once a city gets big enough there almost certainly going to be at least one professional locksmith who goes the extra mile to offer 24 hour emergency service. This is important since if you work second shift you don’t have the ability to wait 6, 8, 10 hours for regular hours. You want to get in your car or home and call it a day, and that’s what a good mobile locksmith offering full emergency service provides.

    Locked out of your car in a rain storm? Locked out of the house after getting back at 1 a.m.? These are times when you need an emergency locksmith to help get things settled and get you back in your groove once again. Not all locksmiths offer emergency 24 hour services so be sure to look for this specifically and also ask directly if there is any doubt at all.

    Car Lock Out

    No matter how many times you double check to make sure you have your keys, at some point you’ll be distracted and will lock yourself out of your own car. This can also happen sometimes with push button automatic locks when the temperature is too cold in the winter. These are the times to find a local locksmith and get them helping you ASAP so you won’t have to deal with a car lock out situation for long.

    Sometimes damage to a door will bust a lock or prevent it from working properly. Depending on the extent of damage you might need a contractor, but you will still want the services of a locksmith on hand to make sure once the work is done that you can lock the door securely and not worry about break ins. Even if the damage seems minor but you’re putting in a dead bolt lock, contractors often put these in incorrectly if they’re not guided by a quality locksmith.

    Garage Door Repair Lake Arrowhead

    Having great interior door and window locks doesn’t do any good if someone can just lift up the garage door and walk right on in. The locks are generally relatively simple and finding a residential mobile locksmith should be top priority to make sure your garage is just as secure as your house – and you will be able to sleep easier at night knowing that’s the case.

    Residential Lockouts

    You shouldn’t be embarrassed if you lock yourself out of an apartment or your house. This happens all the time and virtually any residential locksmith will have stories about helping people back into their homes, or even the same person more than once in the same day. Residential lockouts are a standard part of the job and any mobile locksmith will be more than happy to come out and help you get back into your home, and will probably pitch you to get a duplicate key to avoid future mishaps like this again!

    Commercial Locksmith Lake Arrowhead

    Commercial lockouts can be a touch tricky depending on the lock and what type of security system might be connected, but if it is just your average getting into the door and be able to access the system, there should be no problem getting a mobile locksmith familiar with commercial locks to help let you back into the building whether for a late night, a forgotten report, or whatever else might be on the “to do list.”

    Automotive Lockouts Lake Arrowhead

    For most locksmiths who do general work, automotive lockouts are the most common type of phone call they will field each day. Everyone has been in that position where they have locked themselves out while the keys are still inside. It’s not a fun place to be in, especially when you need to run errands, get home, or even pick up the kids. When calling a mobile locksmith make sure to include information like the model of the car including make and year, as different cars have different ways to be unlocked. Even if not explicitly stated, most 24-7 or mobile locksmiths will unlock cars, but don’t be afraid to ask them on the call.

    Rekey New Car Keys

    Maybe you want to give your son or daughter a set of keys, or maybe your old keys seem to be sticking more and more often or are scratched up from other uses. Whatever the reason, if you need to rekey new car keys then you don’t go to the dealership, you go to the locksmith. This is the type of job that will generally take only and hour or two as long as an appointment is made, and is best done at the shop where the locksmith will have the tools and workshop that he or she needs to get the work done the right way for your “new” car keys.

    Car Lockouts

    Car lockouts are a very common reason for needing a locksmith, and these can happen at any time. Whether early in the morning, at the classic 4-5 p.m. revelation while leaving the office, or even late at night, locksmiths expect these calls at all hours and are often quick to respond and those professionals will be happy to get you back in your car and on the road again.

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